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Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a process that reforms metal back to its original condition with-out affecting the paint finish. The myth about dry ice and plungers removing dents and dings from cars isn't true. Working from behind the panel, technicians use specially designed tools to massage the metal back to its original shape. With our process, sanding, filler, or paint is not needed; the factory finish remains intact and the vehicle remains structurally sound.

All Dent Magix repairs are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee. The capabilities of Dent Magix Process allows for repair to damage on steel and aluminum panels. we are the only PDR company trusted by most airplane service centers, to repair the precision panels of the planes. Dent Magix has stayed true to the Art of Paintless Dent Removal. We only service one used car dealer, while others specialize in used car dealers. To mass produce the process, other companies hire large crews of inexperienced technicians. When servicing the many car dealers, they cut their prices to shameful levels. This forces them to focus on quantity instead of quality and art of Paintless Dent Removal. They often resort to drilling access holes to eliminate the required time of expertly removing trim panels to access the repair area. This includes headliners, door panels, seats, wall trim, etc. Drilling the holes leads to rusting and obviously revealing that a repair has been done, which totally defeats the purpose. All warranties are rendered void from your insurance company if your car has been drilled during the PDR process.

Damage caused to the metal (no fiberglass) body of your vehicle caused by road debris, hail damage, mishap at the baseball park, or even minor wrecks.

Paintless Dent Repair is up to a third of the cost of conventional repair methods and can usually be completed within hours rather than days.

It's a matter of size. A ding is a crater style impact on your vehicles surface and normally the size of a quarter (or smaller). A dent is of a larger size and takes more time and skill to finesse out of the automobile body. A larger dent is about the diameter of a basketball and requires an entire panel to be accessed to repair it properly.

To properly repair most roof dings or dents, the headliner needs to be removed. Only specially trained technicians with the proper tools may perform these procedures. Most High-End European vehicles require extreme skill to perform this repair.

While minor dents and dings can be easily repaired, repairs to large dents, body line damage, creases, protrusions, hail damage and limited access area dents can also be made on most body panels.

Paintless Dent Repair is an inexpensive, affordable repair option for leased vehicles in need of repair to prior to termination of the lease, thus avoiding needless dealership charges and hassles.

This is one of the biggest money makers for the insurance company.As long the vehicle is brought back to the proper repair standards and passes inspection, it is an acceptable repair.

Paintless Dent Repair uses specially designed tools to reshape metal without affecting the original factory finish of your vehicle. One of the suppliers of our tools is Dentcraft.

The Paintless Dent Repair process starts with a cleaning of the panel and analyzing the damage. The technician determines how to best access the dent and what tools will be needed. The tools are used to apply just enough pressure to remove the dent without affecting the paint finish.

With Paintless Dent Repair, there is never a need for bonding, sanding or repainting your automobile. By keeping the original finish intact, paintless dent repair actually restores the value of your vehicle rather than lowering it. Although in the hands of an inexperienced technician, the damage can actually become worse.

Paintless Dent Repair is endorsed by car manufacturers, dealerships, insurances companies, car rental and fleet companies. It has bloomed to new levels since 2006 when State Farm finally took notice and now approve and recommend the process. Just as with all professions, check a companies reputation and track record in the art of PDR.

Paintless Dent Repair is up to a third of the cost of conventional repair methods and can usually be completed within hours rather than days.

Leased vehicles are subject to turn-in inspections at the end of the term. This can result in hundreds of dollars in fees to cover "excessive wear and tear" to the exterior. Dent Magix can repair those costly dents and dings quickly and inexpensively. So don't get "dinged" at the end of your lease. Let us solve your end of lease problems.

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