Hail Damage


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Hail Damage

Dent Magix is a leader in Nationwide hail damage repair assistance.

In 2012, we repaired over 1,000 hail damaged vehicles in the Atlanta area alone.

When hail storms strike large metropolitan areas such as greater Atlanta, they can cause millions of dollars of damage! Dent Magix has over 15 years of experience repairing storm damaged vehicles . We have traveled to over twenty states across the U.S. and multiple visits to the continent of Australia. And yes we saw kangaroos! Please know that if you were brought to us for a hail damage repair or a simple doording caused at the local grocery store, you have chosen the "Best of the Best."

We are also a part of Nationwide Hail Damage Assistance. We help all over the united States when bad weather strikes causing millions of dollars in damage to property including vehicles. We occasionally experience that type of weather here in the Atlanta area, we can help your vehicle, too. Nationwide Hail

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Today's car manufacturers are applying aluminum panels to their vehicles. However, it's 3 times more difficult to repair than steel.

Of all the trades in the automotive industry, PDR is one of the most skill-oriented repairs possible. Most consider it an art.

At Dent Magix, we understand just how important your time and schedule can be. Please allow us to prove it!